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Flute Trios or Quartets

All arrangements are for 4 "C" flutes. These work great as trios since the fourth part is written to be optional.

FTQ-001 Shenandoah

A familiar Southern folk tune with a flowing melody. Enjoyable to play. Starts in D Major, modulates to Eb and ends in F.

Grade 2.5 - $ 9.00

Finalist in the 1996 NFA Newly Published Music Competition.

Listen to the music: Recorded by Katy Taylor.


FTQ-002 Scarborough Fair

This easy version is great for a young budding flute ensemble.

Grade 1 - $ 7.50

Listen To The Music: (Recorded as a trio by Katie, Lauren & Carolyn - Students)

https://youtu.be/Scarborough Fair/Trio Version

FTQ-003 Aura Lee

An easy arrangement of a famous folk song. Great for a student ensemble. Starts in Eb Major and modulates to F.

Grade 1.5 - $ 9.00

Honorable Mention in the 2000 NFA Newly Published Music Competition.

FTQ-004 Melody In F (Welcome! Sweet Springtime)

Music by: Anton Rubinstein

A medium easy arrangement of this famous melody. Great for any trio or quartet!

Grade 2 - $ 11.50

Listen to the music: Recorded by the Awesome Flute Quartet.

http://www.youtube.com/Melody In F

FTQ-005 The Water Is Wide

A new arrangement of a beautiful folk song. Written in the key of "A" major modulating to "Bb". A wonderful opportunity to have band students play in a sharp key. Very melodic in all parts. A great addition to any program.

Grade 1.5 - $ 9.00

Performance Time: 2:35

Honorable Mention in the 2002 NFA Newly Published Music Competition.

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