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Flute Trios

FT-001 Circus March

(3 "C" Flutes)

By: Ricky Lombardo

A fun piece with a gaily tempo marking.

Grade 2.5 - $ 8.00

Listen to the music. Recorded by a flute ensemble at Western Washington University. This group is performing as a quartet and doubling one of the parts.

http://www.youtube.com/Circus March

FT-002 Three Christmas Trios

(3 "C" Flutes)

A collection of

Grade 3 - $14.95

This will make a great addition to your holiday library.

Finalist in the 2004 NFA Newly Published Music Competition.

FT-003 Struttin' With Silver

(3 "C" Flutes)

By: Ricky Lombardo

Grade 2.5 - $9.95

Performance Time: 2:40

This happy tune perks right along at a steady up-tempo pace giving the feeling of struttin' on a New Orleans street during the Marti Gras. A great arrangement to use for a change of pace in any concert. Loads of fun! Very enjoyable! Flutists will want to play this when warming up their instruments. Don't miss this!

Listen to the music: Recorded by Gulf Coast Flute Choir

https://youtu.be/Struttin' With Silver

Finalist in the 2008 NFA Newly Published Music Competition.

FT-004 Yuletide Trios

(3 "C" Flutes)

A collection of

Grade 2.5 $17.95

This is a wonderful addition to the Christmas flute trio literature. The arrangements are certain to get a lot of use during the holiday season!

FT-005 Enchanted Trios

(3 "C" Flutes)

A collection of five original compositions by Ricky Lombardo.

Grade 2.5 - 3 $22.95

Each work brings something fresh and new to the flute trio literature. The style of each composition changes offering a variety of musical moods and a range of time signatures. The rhythmic figures fall comfortably under the fingers and should pose little to no difficulty in peforming. The charming melodies are memorable with flowing lines while using rhythms that will be easy to master. All of the works can be programed into a concert performance where something lighter or background music is needed.

Winner in the 2016 NFA Newly Published Music Competition

FT-006 Irish Trio Collection

(3 "C" Flutes)

A collection of four compositions by various composers and arranged by Ricky Lombardo.

Grade 2.5 $21.95

This is a collection of four well-known Irish songs. These have been among the most favorite standards for generations. Your trio will certainly be a hit when performing these timeless songs.

Listen to the music: Recorded by the Pocatello-based Suite 212 Flute Choir.

https://youtube.com/Irish Trio Collection

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