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Flute Choir

FC-001 Adventures In Space

(Piccolo, Eb Flute, 3 "C" Flutes, 2 Alto Flutes and Bass Flute) Comes with "C" substitute parts for all transposing instruments.

This composition in traditional notation explores the colors and textures of the flute choir while programmatic in style and content. Your audience and performers will really like this one. It is both fun to play and perform.

A descriptive suite in 5 movements: Performance Time 12:30

Listen to the music: The first movement is the only one available at this time.

  • 1. Journey From Earth Listen to the music: Recorded by Flautissimo from the UK. http://www.youtube.com/Journey from Earth from Adventure In Space
  • 2. Moonwalkin'
  • 3. Aboard The Lunar Explorer
  • 4. In Search of the Plutonians
  • 5. Reentry
  • Grade 3.5 - $ 32.50

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