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This is where we will keep you updated with what is going on and what is new and in the works.

If you would like a copy our current printed catalog, send us your snail address and we will gladly mail one to you. Our 2010 catalog is what we are still using with an updated new issue inserts listing anything published since the last printing. New catalogs will be printing when there are enough catalog additions to justify doing so. Please notify us if your mailing or e-mail address has changed recently.
We will not be attending the NFA Convention in San Diego, CA this coming August 2016.
We are happy to announce that most of our catalog continues to be listed as required works on state and national lists. If anyone has knowledge of an upcoming state list review, please feel free to inform us. We will gladly submit copies to the reviewing committee.
As many already know, we are one of the very few publishers that have licensed titles protected by copyright. As always, we have a couple of arrangements in the pipeline that are copyright protected.
Due the increased cost of printing we are starting to publish more collections for the smaller ensembles. This is proving to be a savings for our customers even though the price of the publication is a little higher. If each of the titles in the collection were published individually, the cost per arrangement would be much higher. We hope to meet the needs of our customers while trying to offer a good value.
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LMP Electronic Newsletter

We now have the LMP Electronic Newsletter. This will keep you up to date on what is new and in the works. Our printed catalogs are mailed out whenever there are enough new issues to justify a printing. If you would like to know of our newest publications as they become available or learn about current news concerning our company, send us your name and e-mail address and we will gladly add you to this electronic mailing list.

Send us your e-mail address: LMP@lombardomusic.com


Now Available For 2018

Tango Time

(Expandable Flute Choir)

Solo Flute with Flute Choir Accompaniment

(Music by Ricky Lombardo)

FCE-037 - Grade 3 - Performance Time: 4:50 - $35.00

This is an original composition featuring a "C" flute soloist with flute choir accompaniment. There is an opportunity for improvising if desired. Should the soloist prefer to read the solo, there is one written. In addition to being expandable for the flutes, optional sting bass and percussion parts are included. Light in nature, the beautiful melodies will captivate your audience and musicians.


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