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FQ-001 Cedar Ridge

(3 "C" Fl. & Al. Fl. or 4 "C" Fl.)

An intermediate original composition with much appeal. Fun to play and perform.

Grade 2.5 - $ 11.00

Honorable mention at preliminaries in the 1996 NFA Newly Published Music Competition.

Listen to the music: Recorded by the Northern Lights Flute Ensemble.

https://youtube.com/Cedar Ridge

FQ-002 Introduction To the Flute Family & Childhood Favorites

(Piccolo, "C" Fl. Alto & Bass with substitute "C" part for the alto.)

A complete script with examples for introducing the flute family to an audience followed by an arrangement of 12 childhood songs in a medley. (Great for a children's or senior citzen's concert.)

Grade 3 - $ 13.00

Listen to the music: Recorded by the SU Flute Ensemble. This group is using "C" flutes in place of the Alto & Bass instruments.

http://www.youtube.com/Childhood Favorites

FQ-003 My Dreydl

(4 "C" Flutes)

A Hanukkah song in a charming fresh style. Don't miss this!

Grade 2.5 - $ 9.50

FQ-004 A Flûtée Celebration

(Piccolo, Bb Tenor Flute or Clarinet, Alto Flute, Bass Flute)
Comes with "C" substitute parts for all transposing instruments.

Three Movements:

  • 1. Creation
  • 2. Moods and Styles
  • 3. Jubilation
  • Commissioned by the flute quartet "Flûtée" of Saginaw, Michigan to celebrate their 10th anniversay.

    Grade 3.5 - $ 16.50

    FQ-005 Water Music Suite (Selections From)

    Music by: George Frideric Handel

    (Scored for 4 "C" flutes)

    Five Movements:

  • 1. Allegro
  • 2. Minuet
  • 3. Air
  • 4. Hornpipe
  • 5. Allegro Maestoso
  • An arrangement that will become part of your basic repertoire. This will be used year after year. A great addition to your quartet library.
    Grade 3 - $14.95
    Finalist in the 2000 & 2001 NFA Newly Published Music Competition.

    FQ-006 The Entertainer

    Music by: Scott Joplin

    (Scored for: Piccolo, "C" Fl. Alto & Bass with substitute "C" part for the alto.)

    One of the most loved songs of all time by all age groups. Fun to play and a sure hit with your audience.

    Grade 3 - $ 12.95

    Listen to the music. Recorded by the Monadnock Flutes.

    http://www.youtube.com/The Entertainer

    FQ-007 Sheep May Safely Graze

    Music by: Johann Sebastian Bach

    (Scored for: 2 "C" Flutes, Alto & Bass flutes with substitute "C" part for the alto.)

    A lovely arrangement of a well known tune by one of the greatest composers of all time. This will become part of your basic quartet library. Highly recommended!

    Grade 3 - $ 10.95

    FQ-008 My Lord, What A Mornin'

    Traditional Spiritual

    (Scored for: 4 "C" Flutes)

    A welcome addition to the sacred library. This melodic spiritual will give your flutes a chance to show off their expressive beauty. Uses a range from low "C" to a high "Ab". Don't miss this!

    Grade 2.5 - $ 9.00

    FQ-009 Birdland

    Music by: Josef Zawinul

    (Scored for: Piccolo, "C" Flute, Alto & Bass Flutes or 4 "C" Flutes with optional String or Electric Bass & Set Drums)

    A welcome addition to the contemporary pop library. This infectious jazz-rock song will give your flutes a chance to feel funky and play a type of music not normally available for flute ensembles. It took us almost a year to obtain a license to publish this song. Don't miss this!

    Grade 3.5 - $21.00

    Performance Time: 3:45

    FQ-010 Holiday for Strings

    Music by: David Rose

    (Scored for 4 "C" Flutes)

    An arrangement that would be great as an opening number, final song on a concert, background music or as an encore. Each part has been printed on a continuous triple page sheet to avoid page turns. This will become one of your favorites. Highly recommended!

    Grade 3 - $19.95

    Performance Time: 2:35

    FQ-011 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

    Music by: Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane

    (Scored for Alto Flute Solo Accompanied by Flute Trio)

    This arrangement will certainly be a welcomed addition to the Christmas repertoire. It is a great opportunity to feature the alto flute. Very moving!

    Grade 2.5 - $16.95

    Performance Time: 3:30

    Listen to the music. Performed by the Williamsport Flute Choir.

    http://www.youtube.com/Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

    Winner in the 2011 NFA Newly Published Music Competition

    FQ-012 Canzone

    Music by: Ricky Lombardo

    (Scored for Piccolo, "C" Flute, Alto and Bass Flutes or Piccolo and 3 "C" Flutes)

    An original up-tempo composition with a catchy and interesting melody line. This can easily be used with a full flute choir. Although the majority of the work is written in cut time, the final eighteen measures have several meter changes, which will be fairly easy to do.

    Grade 3 - $17.95

    Performance Time: 2:35

    Listen to the music. Recorded by the flutes of the Sierra Vista Community Band.


    FQ-013 Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace)

    (Scored for: 2 "C" Flutes, Alto and Bass Flutes or 4 "C" Flutes - Includes a "C" Substitute Part for the Alto Flute)

    A timeless message musically portrayed of peace makes this a perfect choice for any time of year! It is sensitive, graceful, and will be a moving moment in your concert or performance. Don't miss this!

    Grade 2.5 - $14.95

    Performance Time: 3:40

    FQ-014 Emerald Isle March

    Scored for 4 "C" Flutes

    This is a light original composition in 6/8 meter that is meant to portry a happy and joyful journey. The work moves along at a lively pace with pleasing melodies. The moving melodic lines coupled with the march rhythms will have you stepping to the beat. This composition should be fairly easy to master. Rhythms are basic and instrument ranges comfortable. With a little bit of Celtic flare, the composition is well suited for use in concert programming or as background music.

    Grade 2.5 - $17.95

    Performance Time: 2:45

    FQ-015 Rondo Op. 40, No. 2

    (4 "C" Flutes)

    Music by Friedrich Kuhlau - Arranged by Ricky Lombardo

    Grade 3 - $16.95

    This is a well-known composition in 6/8 meter originally written for piano. I have liked this for many years and felt it would adapt nicely as a flute quartet. The composition has a natural flow to it that is both enjoyable to hear and play. The melodic line moves around to give everyone a chance to play the melody. This is sure to become a staple in the flute quartet repertoire.

    Performance Time: 2:25

    FQ-016 Sacred Quartet Collection

    (Two "C" Flutes, Alto & Bass Flutes or Four "C" Flutes)

    ("C" Substitute part included for Alto Flute)

    Music by various composers. - Arranged by Ricky Lombardo

    Grade 2 - 2.5 $25.95

    This is a publication containing four of my favorite hymns. These are fairly easy and can be ready for a performance in a short amount of time. The arrangements can easily be used with a flute choir or a quartet. Many ensembles are always asking for more sacred music. These are sure to get plenty of use!

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